Family Vacations

Take a vacation from planning your vacation

A family vacation creates memories that last a lifetime. It is your getaway from the rigors of your everyday routine, so you and your loved ones return home rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again.

Modern Romance Travel provides you  and your family with vacation packages that offer activities to satisfy every age range.

From kiddie and teen clubs to water parks and movies on the beach, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The resorts we select and recommend offer all these and more at an incredible value, so all of you will have a blast!

You will also enjoy fabulous dining options that offer a wide variety of cuisines and cater to special dietary restrictions. And, you’ll be vacationing in comfort and style, thanks to our partner resorts’ top-quality amenities.

Take a family getaway! The farther you travel the closer you’ll bond

Family vacations are a great way to renew and strengthen bonds by doing something new together. Create unforgettable memories at a beachfront retreats, or discover new things at a city tour, then relax at your resort of choice.  

Based on your family’s interests and needs, we’ll help you pick an all-inclusive resort from our carefully selected partners.

Here are just a few things you’ll enjoy from your stay:

  • You know in advance how much your vacation will cost.

  • You’re more likely to try new activities and interests.

  • You won’t have to stress over which activities to choose.

  • You get a free and supervised kids’ club.

  • There are no arguments over what food to eat and where.

Our specialists at Modern Romance Travel will recommend the best destinations and resorts for family-friendly vacations. No more worrying over the trip logistics – we’ll handle it for you so you'll be able to simply enjoy spending time with your family.

Creating your family vacation memories should be happy and stress-free. Contact Modern Romance Travel today!