What should I put in my Destination Wedding welcome bag?

What should I put in my Destination Wedding welcome bag?

As your wedding guests arrive to the hotel, you may not have time to greet and welcome each one of them. However, a nice personal alternative would be to create a welcome bag for each room or guest that would welcome them with a personal message and a few goodies. When thinking about what to include in your welcome bag, make sure to keep it simple and as stress-free as possible. Here are just a few ideas of what to include:

Welcome/ Thank you Letter

A welcome or thank you letter to your guests would make them feel special for making the trip to your destination wedding. Think about creating one general message that you can type up and print out to include in each bag.

Contact Information

To make things easier on yourself and your guests you can provide them with designated key contacts to help if any issues or questions arise. Include a contact for the resort, a wedding planner contact, and a few family member contacts that can help answer general wedding related questions. By providing key contacts for your guests, this will keep your guests from reaching out to you for information.

Wedding Details

It will be very helpful for your guests to have a printed copy of the upcoming wedding events. This will help answer questions about where your guests need to be and at what times. You may also include additional general details such as expected weather and the dress code for each event.

Information on Local Activities

If your guests are unfamiliar with the destination, you may consider including information about local tours and activities that could keep them busy during their free time. You can either create a list for them or request brochures directly from the hotel that you can add to your welcome bags. If you are working with a destination wedding travel agent, they can help you and your guests arrange tours and activities in advance.


Transporting snacks to your destination, especially in bulk, may be difficult, so you may consider visiting local stores to purchase snacks. Consider local candies, cookies, or popular packaged foods from that particular destination.

Vacation Essentials

While many of your guests may have already packed everything needed for their vacation, it may be a nice gesture to include a few items you believe they will need during their trip. For example, a travel sized sunscreen, Tylenol, tissues, or mints.